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I have been painting large formats for about 20 years. Due to the size of my paintings most of my clients find it appropriate to place these one of a kind (originals) art pieces above their large sofas in their living rooms or above their beds in their bedrooms. All the paintings on this site are originals. If you have other large wall spaces in your house, office, hotel or any other commercial spaces please consider my work as well. 

Most of my clients do not buy my ready-made paintings but commission me to paint them an original painting that will be created especially for their needs and wants. Through the purchase processes we will determine the appropriate size (Need) and the color theme and style (want).

Let's start the conversation at 782-234-9011 or click here to send me an email. You are more than welcome to attach 
a picture of the space you are looking to place my painting at so I can get an idea of the size and color theme. 

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